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Saint Mutts Rescue has been actively helping the animals in cities across the US for many years. We are committed to protecting animals from cruelty and neglect and dedicated to giving them a better chance at life by rescuing, rehabilitating, spaying and neutering, fostering, providing food and medical care, and finally finding and transporting them to their forever homes.

In previous years, Saint Mutts focused on helping the animals on the beautiful island of Antigua. While we have since centered our energy to addressing the overcapacity crisis here in the southern United States, we took the care and time necessary to integrate our resources and processes in with our amazing rescue partner organization, local to Antigua, who continue using these protocols to save as many lives as possible.

We are a volunteer-run organization driven by an immutable passion to protect and preserve animal welfare. We are grateful to work alongside partner organizations and individuals that also operate on compassion and kindness, donating our time, money and energy for the same worthy cause. Rescue work is hard work, and it's heart work; the more people get involved, the stronger we are!


Intake + Surrender

Every year, 6.5 million animals enter shelters nationwide. Our rescue works to keep animals from being euthanized in these shelters two fold. We serve as a last resort for animals set to be euthanized by tagging them directly from the shelter.  We also work with the public to get veterinary care and find homes for their pets and unwanted or dumped animals. Our goal is to keep them from ever going to the shelter in the first place.


Rescue + Rehabilitate

Our rescue does not discriminate when it comes to animals in need; we are the last hope for countless medical and elderly dogs and cats. We recover animals from substandard conditions and give abused, neglected, malnourished and diseased animals a chance to start over. This involves removal from an unhealthy environment, veterinary care, and integration into a foster home until the pet is ready to find their forever home.

Teaching Tricks


We are grateful and rely heavily on our dedicated fosters who selflessly open their homes and help us continue saving lives. Fostering not only to reduces overcrowding in shelters, but gives a pup a chance to live in a home. We learn their personality, needs, training level, etc. which allows us to make as accurate a match as possible when finding a forever family.

Dog in Cone

Spay + Neuter

By spaying or neutering your pet, not only are you helping to control the animal overpopulation crisis, which results in millions of healthy dogs and cats being euthanized, but your pet is guaranteed to live a longer, healthier life as this helps circumvent many heath and behavioral issues. We have many resources to help find a low cost spay and neuter clinic in your area.



Once our animals are healthy and ready for their adoptive homes, we load them up and hit the road! We recently opened up our transport-adoption locations to cities all over the United States. Our goal is to move as many animals as possible out of the overpopulated areas and transport them to cities and states with greater needs for family pets, under crowded shelters and higher adoption rates.

Woman Embracing Dog


Every year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them. All of our rescues are in need of a second chance: lost, given up, or abandoned. By choosing to adopt, you are giving them a new life in a loving home. Find out more about our adoption process.

There are many ways you can help!

Donate your time, your love or your money:

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