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Australian Shep
Husky Mix


50 lbs

Leo is a bundle of personality and has an abundance of love to give. As a mix of two great breeds, he possesses a combination of intelligence and playfulness. He thrives on outdoor activities and would be a perfect fit for an active family that enjoys spending time outside. Leo's playful nature makes him a joy to be around, and he gets along well with other dogs, making him an excellent candidate for a household with canine companions.


Ideal Home: Leo would flourish in a home that can provide him with plenty of outdoor adventures and activities. His active nature would be best suited for a family that enjoys hiking, running, or engaging in other physically stimulating exercises. A family with a fenced yard where he can safely play and burn off energy would be ideal. However, Leo also loves his snuggle time and is happy to settle down on the couch for cuddles when it's time to come indoors.


Background Story: Sadly, Leo was surrendered after his previous owners decided to get a divorce. Despite the upheaval in his life, he remains a sweet and loving boy, ready to give his heart to a new forever family.


Training: Given his intelligent nature, Leo is likely to be easily trainable. With positive reinforcement training and regular mental stimulation, he can further develop his skills and become a well-behaved companion.


Personality: Leo's personality is a delightful blend of his Husky and Australian Shepherd traits. He may have the Husky's independent streak and a strong desire to explore, coupled with the Australian Shepherd's loyalty and devotion to his family. This unique combination makes him a charming and lovable companion.


In summary, Leo is a 9-month-old, 55 lbs Husky Australian Shepherd mix with a handsome appearance and a loving personality. He thrives on outdoor activities and would be a great match for an active family. While he loves playing with other dogs and enjoys his time outside, he is also content to snuggle up on the couch when indoors. Leo's intelligence and playful nature make him a wonderful addition to any family looking for a furry friend to join them on adventures and provide plenty of love and joy in return. If you're seeking a loyal and energetic companion, Leo might be the perfect fit for your home.

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