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Chow Chow
Lab mix


50 lbs

This handsome boy is in search of his perfect forever home - one that is deserving of his loyalty, intelligence, and eagerness to please. 


Hank has a beautiful and thick black coat - with the perfect nubby tail to match (Mountain Cur trait!). The cherry on top? He has a “painted tongue,” as we call it - covered in the typical purple Chow Chow spots. He is such a cool combination of breeds.


Hank was adopted as a young puppy - at only 2 months old - but was unfortunately returned to our rescue at only a year old. Hank needed a little more than what his previous home could give him - and he had developed some bad habits in the process. The missing ingredient? A sprinkle of obedience and work. 


Hank is currently finishing his 3 week board and train with Bucks Dog Training of Central Jersey. He is continuously socialized with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and genders - and continues his socialization with new surroundings, new environments, new situations, and new people on a regular basis! He has learned a number of essential commands such as: “Place,” “Out,” “Heel,” and more.


Hank’s trainer - along with many other trainers he has met throughout his 3 week journey, has noted how intelligent, receptive, and eager to please Hank is. Hank’s trainer said, “He really is such a good dog.”


Hank’s perfect home? Hank would thrive in a home with an advanced or experienced handler - or one who is willing to learn and maintain Hank’s training. Hank loves to learn and loves to be at work. He has breezed through training - and we would love for that to continue in his new home. He would be the perfect buddy to team up with on a hike - or even a run. He could do something as advanced as scent work - or even therapy training. 


We would like to find a home without feline friends or small children. A home with another dog would be wonderful, but is not required. Hank gets along well with other dogs and loves to play, but he has a rougher play style. He gets along very well with the Huskies and Malamute mixes in his board and train, who have the same energy level as he. Fortunately, if play becomes too tough, Hank responds immediately to his “out” command and redirects his attention to his handler.


Hank is housetrained, crate trained, and leash trained. Hank is trained on a prong collar and an e-collar. Upon adoption, Hank’s new adoptive family will be provided with 5 follow-up training sessions with Hank’s trainer. 


Additional questions about Hank? Please email us at

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