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50 lbs

James is an affectionate and loyal pup, seeking a forever home with a best friend and cuddle confidante. He thrives on human companionship and loves nothing more than spending time with his humans. James is intuitive and in tune with his human's emotions, making him an incredibly understanding and loving companion. He has a medium energy level, perfectly content to lounge around the house while you work or bask in the sun while people-watching from the window.


Personality: James has a heart of gold and a loving disposition, he adores people and is always eager to be by their side. He is the type of dog that thrives on forming a strong bond with his humans and becomes deeply devoted to them. His intuitive nature makes him an excellent companion, as he can sense and respond to his human's emotions and needs. He enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his human. Whether it's lounging around the house while you work from home or basking in the sun while people-watching from the patio, James is content as long as he is in your company.


Exercise and Adventures: James comes alive outside and loves going on long walks and explorations. He enjoys taking in all the new scents and sights, making outdoor adventures a perfect way for him to stay happy and healthy.


Ideal Home: James would be best suited for someone who is retired or spends a lot of time at home. He craves human interaction and would be happiest with someone who can provide him with plenty of attention and love. He is kid-friendly and has shown a great ability to connect with children, making him a wonderful addition to a family with kids. He even charmed everyone at his foster child's birthday party! James' ideal home would be a place where he can be the center of attention and enjoy the company of his humans.


Interaction with Other Pets: While James has been around several dogs without any issues, he can be selective with new dogs. Therefore, it would be best for him to go to a single-pet household, where he can fully enjoy the love and attention from his humans without any potential conflicts with other animals. We are confident he will do well with his canine neighbors and cousins with proper introductions and slow integration!


Energy Level: James is a medium-energy dog, which means he strikes a perfect balance between being calm indoors and lively outdoors. He enjoys going on long walks and adventures, where he can explore and revel in all the new scents and sights around him.


In summary, James is a 2-year-old Staffordshire Terrier weighing 55 lbs, with stunning green eyes and an affectionate personality. He craves human companionship and would be happiest in a home with someone who is retired or spends a lot of time at home. He is kid-friendly and has a medium energy level. James can be selective with other dogs and he would thrive in a single-pet household. James would make a wonderful and loyal companion for someone looking for a loving and devoted furry friend! 

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