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35 lbs

Meet Frito, an adorable mixed breed pup with a heart full of love! Frito's endearing personality shines through his friendly and sweet nature. Initially a bit shy, he warms up quickly with a gentle approach and will reward you with his unwavering affection.


Frito has a playful spirit and a special affinity for his toys. You'll often find him gathering all his favorite toys and carefully placing them in his bed, creating a cozy little haven for himself. And when it comes to downtime, Frito knows how to relax in style – he loves nothing more than finding a comfy spot to cuddle up and snooze.


This precious pup had a challenging start in life, as he was facing euthanasia at a high kill shelter in Texas. Luckily, our rescue stepped in and saved Frito from that fate. We immediately fell in love with his calm and gentle nature, which sets him apart from the typical puppy energy.


Frito would thrive in a loving home environment, especially one with children and/or a calm canine companion. His sweet and gentle nature makes him an ideal playmate for kids, and his friendly demeanor ensures harmonious interactions with other dogs. Frito loves the company of his canine pals. He's very sociable and always ready to join a game of fetch or tag in the park.


If you're looking for a loyal and affectionate companion who can offer a bit of tranquility in your life, Frito might just be the perfect match. Give this resilient and loving pup a chance, and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of joyful memories.


To welcome Frito into your family and provide him with the forever home he deserves, please fill out the application below. Let's give Frito the bright and loving future he truly deserves!

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