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Am. Staffordshire


35 lbs

This delightful Staffie mix has a heart full of love and a wagging tail that won't quit! Precious is our little bundle of joy, she is full of happiness and has an infectious, positive energy that brightens any room she enters. She's very playful, active, and her high energy ensures she's always ready for an adventure.


Precious is the epitome of sweetness, always ready to shower her human friends with endless affection and cuddles. Her wiggly butt is a clear indicator of her excitement to greet you and share her love. Her innocent puppy-like nature adds an extra touch of charm to her already lovable personality.


With her perfect size of 35 pounds, Precious is an ideal companion for those seeking a canine friend that is not too small or too large. She effortlessly fits into any living situation and is adaptable to different environments.


Precious Loves:

Human Companionship- Precious is a real people-dog; she loves spending time with her humans. Whether it's a day out or cuddling on the couch, she's happiest by your side.


Outdoor Play- She's always up for playing outside and needs regular exercise to keep her happy.


Other dogs- Precious is a social butterfly when it comes to other dogs. She gets along famously with her furry counterparts and loves to engage in playful interactions. Her friendly demeanor makes her an excellent candidate for families with existing canine companions or those looking to expand their furry family. She loves romping around with her canine companions!


Ideal Home:


Precious needs a loving home where someone will be around often. Whether you're able to work from home, bring her with you during the day, or provide plenty of attention and intellectual stimulation, she'll thrive with consistent human interaction.


While Precious possesses an exuberant puppy energy, she is already making great strides in learning her manners. An adopter with experience in training would be a great match, as Precious does need some guidance. She tends to jump when excited, but she's working on that! Her ideal home would be with someone willing to invest time and energy into training her. She needs direction, consistency, and a loving person to guide her.  With consistent guidance and redirection, she will continue to improve her impulse control and refine her behavior.


Precious as a Companion:


This sweet girl longs to be right next to you at all times. Her desire to please and her loving nature would make her a wonderful companion dog. Her size is just perfect, and her sparkling personality is ready to shine in her forever home.


We believe Precious has all the qualities to become an adored member of a loving and dedicated family. Her infectious joy, affectionate nature, and eagerness to learn make her an exceptional companion for those seeking a loyal and playful addition to their lives.


If you're ready to welcome Precious into your home and heart, please complete an adoption application below. Let's make sure this sweet and wiggly girl finds her forever family where she can flourish and continue to spread happiness and love.

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