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super mutt


12 lbs

Peanut is a sweet and little bundle of joy. She is about 14 weeks old and weighs around 15 pounds. Peanut will likely be a medium-sized dog fully grown. Her breed is unknown, but our team guesses that she is a Pittie mix! 


Little Miss Peanut and her siblings were discovered on the side of the highway in East Texas. They were fortunate to be rescued and are now looking for loving forever homes. Little Miss Peanut is the smallest of her litter, also known as the "runt." Despite her rough start in life, she has shown resilience and a gentle spirit.


Peanut is great with other dogs and would do best with a canine companion. She currently lives with her sister, a large dog, and a small dog - and she does well with all! She also lives with cats and although she wants to play, otherwise, she is unphased! Peanut is crate trained and is working on her potty training!


Peanut is the perfect puppy companion. At first, Little Miss Peanut may appear shy, but once she warms up to you, her playful and loving nature shines through. She would be a wonderful addition to any lucky family! 


Little Miss Peanut is seeking a forever home where she can receive the love, care, and attention she deserves. An environment with another puppy sibling would be ideal for her to continue building her confidence and social skills. A patient and understanding owner who can provide a secure and nurturing environment will help her blossom into a confident and well-adjusted adult dog.




-A home with another puppy sibling to provide companionship and support

Patient and understanding owners who can help her build confidence

-Time and commitment to provide proper training, socialization, and regular exercise

-A secure and loving environment where she can thrive

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