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In previous years, Saint Mutts focused on helping the animals on the beautiful island of Antigua. We proudly pioneered mass transport of animals in desperate need from this overpopulated island to the northern United States, using freight flights to Miami followed by ground transportation north to their adoptive homes. This was a great accomplishment for the animals of Antigua, we now confidently transport over 40 animals on a single freight flight! Prior to this milestone, our only hope to have animals transported off-island was to convince kind-hearted and faithful tourists to take a 'Carry-on Pet' on their returning flight to the US, with no other guarantee except our word, that our rescue partners would be waiting at the airport to receive the animal when they landed. 


While Saint Mutts has since refocused our energy to addressing the overcapacity crisis in the southern United States, we took the care and time necessary to integrate our resources and processes with our amazing rescue partner organization in Antigua. To this day, they carry-out regular mass transports of animals from Antigua to the US, saving thousands of lives and decreasing the animal overpopulation crisis of this beautiful island


Feeding the Hungry

Our feeding routes prevent starvation among stray and owned animals and serves us an opportunity to gain trust, examine and treat them if necessary.

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Rescue + Rehabilitate

We remove animals from unimaginable conditions of abuse and neglect. The mental and emotional aspect of care is equally as important as the physical aspect of care we give them.


Freedom Flights

We pioneered mass animal transport out of Antigua using commercial freight flights. Our amazing rescue partners on island carry on our efforts using our procedures to get as many animals out as possible.


Spay + Neuter

Our focus is to control the overpopulation crisis by spay and neutering strays, as well as working with local residents to get pets altered. 


Puppies + Prosecco

This program allows visitors to enjoy the day at the beach with a rescued pup. This interaction serves as a tool to socialize our puppies, allowing them to find comfort in new surroundings.

Helping Hands

It Takes a Village

Rescue work is hard work and it's heart work. We are grateful to get to work along side partner organizations that also operate on compassion and kindness.

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